“I AM Comforted” Sorrow & Grief Herbal Blend

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“ I AM Comforted” Sorrow & Grief Herbal blend

Grief doesn’t mean that we necessarily have to loose a loved one. It could be that we’ve lost a job, gone through a divorce, lost lost a house,etc – these are all forms of loss and can create the same emotions to those of us who experience death.

The intelligence of plants can help so much in supporting and building the heart whole once again, helping us find strength, courage and to find relief as we move through these emotions into greater healing.

The herbs blended are useful to clear unwanted energy, while helping to calm and restore the nervous system. To calm unease and anxiousness and help to quiet the thoughts so we can focus on the present and not re-live a painful experience repetitively in our minds.

Primary Plants: Organic Linden flower, Hawthorn Leaf, Motherwort, Holy Basil, Rose Bud & Petal

**Unique formulas are proprietary and may contain ingredients not listed here.